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Audio file: Blanca Manchón, RS:X Women
Winner of the 40 Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía Mapfre (In Spanish)
Prize giving ceremony: tips for media
Map of Pueblo Español, where the prize giving ceremony will take place tomorrow, and tips for the media who want to cover it.
Audio file: Sylvia Vogl, 470 Women
Sylvia Vogl, 470 W
Information on Medal Races
Information and schedule of the Medal Races, which will be held on Friday, 10th April.
Audio File: Pietro Sibello, 49er
The italian sailor, Pietro Sibello, talking about the 40 Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía Mapfre. (In English)
Audio file: Rafa Trujillo, Finn
Rafa Trujillo says that he feels like the Santisima Trinidad at the Trafalgar s Battle. (In Spanish)
Audio file: Iván Pastor, RS:X Men
Ivan Pastor, RS:X Men, talking about including the Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía MAPFRE at the ISAF Sailing World Cup. (In Spanish)
Audio file: Marina Alabau, RS:X Women
Marina Alabau talking about the Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía MAPFRE (In Spanish)
Audio file: Carolijn Brouwer
Carolijn Brouwer talking about excluding the tornado of the Olympic Classes (in English)
Total figures in the 40th Princesa Sofía MAPFRE Trophy
Total figures of boats, sailors and countries in the regatta. Also, numbers per country.
Audio file: Joaquín Blanco, Laser Standard
Joaquín Blanco, from Gran Canaria (Spain), talking about the Sofía Mapfre. (In Spanish)
Shuttle bus schedule
Schedule of the shuttle bus between Club Náutico Arenal and Real Club Náutico de Palma. Only for accredited media.
Favourites in the Princesa Sofia MAPFRE Trophy
Some of the favourites in the regatta, class by class.
Audio file: Xavier Rohart, skipper at the Star class
.mp3 file with quotes of Xavier Rohart. (In English)
Spanish and Balearic sailors
List of Spanish and Balearic sailors in the 40th Princesa Sofia MAPFRE Trophy (in Spanish).
Media services
Info about de services for the media in the Princesa Sofia MAPFRE Trophy.
Audio file: Jaume Carbonell, general manager of the regatta
.mp3 file with quotes of Jaume Carbonell, general manager of the regatta. In Spanish.
Press dossier
Press dossier of the 40th Princesa Sofia MAPFRE Trophy.
News Feeds and Highlight Packages Available
News Feeds and Highlight Packages by Panorama Producciones available daily (5th to 10th of April), two hours after end of racing (around 8 PM) on FTP, containing 3-5 minutes of rough images of sailing action, with natural sound. MPG2 for broadcast and mp4 [H.264] files for web broadcast. Short press releases explaining images will be also available. See document for FTP and contact details.
  • Consorcio Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofia
  • Mapfre
  •  Govern de les Illes Balears
  •  Consell de Mallorca
  •  Ajuntament de Palma
  •  Ajuntament de Llucmajor
  •  Real Club Naútico de Palma
  •  Club Nàutic S'Arenal
  •  Club Marítimo San Antonio de la Playa
  •  Calanova - Escuela de Vela
  •  Real Federación Española de Vela
  •  Federación Balear de Vela
  • Colaboradores
  •  Consejo Superior de Deportes
  •  Federación española de Deportes para Discapacitados Físicos
  •  Ports de les Illes Balears
  •  Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino
  •  Ultramar Express Events
  •  Ports de Balears
  •  Acciona
  •  Opel
  •  Illes Balears

40 Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía - MAPFRE - Mallorca 2009 - Del 4 al 10 de abril